10% off all fish orders 
Weekly recipes 
Instructional videos & Content 
VIP Live Streams & Interviews with Tristan 
Learn about the best fish recipes, fish preparation techniques and fish filleting skills. 
Gain dinner inspiration, make meals you enjoy visually as well as culinary. 
Show your dinner guests your newly acquired knowledge skills and incredible produce. 

The Benefits Of Brixham Fish Club 

Gourmet Fresh Fish Recipes 
Freshly Caught Discounted Brixham Fish 
Educational Video Content 
VIP Interviews & Live Streams 
Brixham Fish Club gives you unrivalled access into your seafood journey. Follow Tristan Northway as he brings in the catch of the day, get to know every step of the journey from sea to plate. With access to expert interviews and insights from Tristan Northway, VIP live streams and video diaries. 
All Brixham Fish Club members also receive 10% off all fish orders and access to a library of carefully curated seasonal fish recipes, designed to make best use of the fresh fish from the Adela. 
Wow your dinner guests with the quality fish and seafood, while you entertain your knowledge of seafood and the lives of the fishermen who catch your fresh fish. 
Learn from Tristan Northway about the best fish recipes, fish preparation techniques and fish filleting skills. Show your guests how much you care about your food story with your newly acquired knowledge of fishing life and ethical fishing techniques. 

Your Brixham Fish Club Subscription Includes: 

Weekly recipes 
10% off all fish orders 
VIP live streams in our private fb group 
Interviews with Tristan 
Video diaries 
Learn from Tristan  
Educational video content 

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Your Local Brixham Fisherman 

Born with tiller in hand, Tristan Northway has lived and breathed fishing from the moment he was born, growing up in Brixham as a part of a local fishing family. 
Having learned from ropes on every type of fishing vessel from day boats to large trawlers, he decided to pursue a lower impact form of fishing and invested in a 30-foot inshore trawler. The Adela is fondly known as the smallest fishing boat in Brixham, at just 9 metres long. But what the Adela lacks in size she makes up for with charisma and good looks, Tristan often refers to her as the prettiest boat in Brixham. 
As to the future, Tristan’s goals are to focus on increasing the profile of Brixham as a fish town, and to encourage more fishermen to look at lower impact fishing methods. Helping to see the shores of Lyme Bay return to the abundant haunt they once were, not just for him but for the next generation. 

Brixham Fish Club Terms & Conditions 

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