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Red Mullet

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Red mullet is a restaurant favourite often found in seafood restaurants across the south west. But it is less common in home-cooking, which is a real shame as red mullet is delicious to eat and fairly easy to cook well. Not only is the skin of red mullet very pretty, it is also very flavoursome so it is worth working on that crispy skin when pan frying or grilling. Red mullet can be roasted whole on the bone for a fabulous flavour or pan fried in fillets quickly as to retain its marvellous moisture. Like lots of fish, its fab on the barbecue, or cooked en papilotte with punchy flavours like chilli and garlic.


In Ancient Rome, this fish was highly prized and very expensive. They were worth their weight in silver!

• Cajun Spiced BBQ red mullet
• Pan fried red mullet with Mediterranean orzo and garlic oil
• Red mullet with seafood spaghetti

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