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Turbot is sometimes known as the king’s fish and with good reason. Turbot is hard to beat in terms of flavour and texture, making it an extremely popular fish for restaurants and dinner parties. It might not be cheap but it is sensational. Turbot has a soft buttery texture with a subtle salty flavour, the key when cooking is to let the turbot do the work, with simple flavours that elevate it rather than compete with it. We love it simply cooked with sea herbs and lemon, or roasted with fennel bulbs.


Turbot has a cooking dish named after it, the turbotiere is a kite-shaped fish kettle which 100 years ago was a must-have item in the kitchen of every self-respecting stately home.

• Roast turbot with fennel bulb and seafood sauce
• BBQ turbot with lemons
• Turbot with champagne sauce

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