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Cuttlefish is an often-overlook cousin of squid, but its flavour and texture are very similar to squid and just as delicious. Bonus, its lower popularity means it is often a more affordable alternative, it is also fairly sustainable as it is frequently caught as by-catch in mixed species fishing. If you are need to cooking with cuttlefish you can use it in much the same way as squid, simply swap in cuttlefish to whatever your favourite squid recipe might be. The body of the cuttlefish is ideal for tempura frying or cooking fast on a BBQ, while the slightly thicker tentacles benefit from a longer cook making them perfect for stews and chowders.

cuttlefish used to be thrown back but are now considered a worthy addition to the dinner table!


Cuttlefish have not one, not two, but three hearts!

• Bouillabaisse
• Spiced BBQ Cuttle fish
• Fritto Misto

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