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Scallops are a real treat. They are one of the most popular shellfish species we catch. Scallop meat is one of the tastiest things in the sea, it is soft and succulent with an almost meaty texture. There are 2 parts to a scallop, the muscle or main body, which is the white part, and the roe, the orange part. Both are delicious the roe as a slightly sweet taste and a different texture to the meatier scallop muscle. Scallops are at their best when pan fried quickly in lots of butter, this gives you the caramelised outside which is seen in restaurants and on shows like MasterChef. If you want to try something new though, we recommend trying scallop tempura.


Unlike many other species of shellfish, they can ‘swim’ away from danger by puffing a jet of water through their bodies in a kind of pump motion.
• Scallop tempura
• Scallops with black pudding and pea puree
• Scallops with chorizo and pancetta.
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