Dover sole is the richest of the sole fish: with its meatier taste it can stand up to stronger flavours than most flat fish. This is why it is often used in Mediterranean flat-fish recipes with flavours such as chorizo and chilli. In this recipe, however, we have kept it simple, sticking to a summery mix of courgettes, lemon and tomatoes. 
Dover sole is the perfect fish for a treat night. Its firm flesh lifts away from bones easily making it a fuss-free fish dinner. By cooking Dover sole in a parcel, like in this recipe, you can reduce any fuss even further with its easy oven cooking and little washing up, perfect for a mid-week fish dinner. 


1x large Dover sole – approx. 800g 
1x medium courgette 
Approx. 10 cherry tomatoes 
4 slices of lemon 
We think this recipe would work particularly well for those who like to grow their own, with tomatoes and courgettes often being a staple of the veg patch. If you can use home grown veg then this dish must be one of the most sustainable and locally sourced dishes you can make, with fish from Brixham via the Adela and veg from your own garden. 

Making your dover sole parcels 

Prepare your fish 
Prepare your parchment paper parcels: create a bed of sliced courgette, and place the fillet of dover sole on top of the courgette slices. 
Add cherry tomatoes and lemon slices to the top of the lemon sole fillet, then add a small knob of butter and season each parcel with salt and pepper. 
Fold over the edges of the parcel to close it and then place on a baking tray and put in the oven for 20 mins at 180. 
When you open the parcel, you should find a perfectly cooked, moist Dover sole all ready to eat, and those veg will have cooked down to form a delicious bed of summery flavours. If you are eating this in winter then it can be the perfect reminder of hot summer days to come. An antidote to the grim wet weather outside. 
Serve as is, or with a side of your choice of veg.  
Cheers ‘N’ Garn 
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