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Tub Gurnard

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There are 3 main species of Gurnard which can be found off the coast of Britain, the grey, the red and the Tub Gurnard. The tub gurnard is the largest of the 3 species and can reach up to 12 pounds, though they are generally between 2-3 pounds when caught by the Adela.

Gurnard is an often-underappreciated fish for home cooks but are hugely popular in many high-end seafood restaurants. They are a bony fish but their flavour and shape lend itself to stuffing perfect for a summer dinner party. Being often overlooked they are inexpensive to buy making them ideal for stews and chowders.

Another name for Tub Gurnard is yellow gurnard despite this it can be pink, grey, yellow or even red
• Stuffed Gurnard
• Brixham Fish Stew
• Lime and garlic gurnard fillets
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